Mokic – Promo Mix – May 2008

Download: YouSendIt

01. Sally Shapiro – Keep Me Alive (Sheeple Remix) [Witty Tunes]
02. Outline – Point You (Andrew Eskay & Dousk Remix) [Evapour8]
03. Sam Ball – Aperture (Gold Ryan Remix) [Brown Eyed Boyz]
04. Unknown – Untitled [Brown Eyed Boyz]
05. Elmar Schubert – Alprduck [CDR]
06. Hott22 – No Promises – Live Element (Tom Morgan Edit) [CDR]
07. Unknown – Untitled [Witty Tunes]
08. 16 Bit Lolitas – Abdektion [Bits ‘n’ Pieces]
09. Liluca – Sunrise – Deep Ocean Mix [Stripped Muzik]


~ by Jia on May 8, 2008.

19 Responses to “Mokic – Promo Mix – May 2008”

  1. Замечательный MIX и вам советую прослушать особено для любителей Dance musik! начало не очень, а вот начиная на шестой менуте -пошла жара :)))
    Админу спасибо за авотар 🙂

  2. Sky , Meaning pls ?


  3. Translation –

    “Wonderful mix and I recommend to you to listen to it, especially for lovers of ‘Dance musik’ to listen to it. The beginning is soso, but starting at the sixth minute – heat comes”
    Thanks admin for the avatar.

    Микс просто нереальный.)))

  5. translation of 25privetov

    “mix is just unreal”

  6. haha, maby you guys should write in english!
    So other people can read what you wrote..!
    Sorry, but in europe we DONT speak or writ russian or what langual that is ^^

  7. write *

  8. as far as im concerned , as long as u write good things about me or my mixes , i do not care …

  9. I am just helping to translate, I don’t know the Sky person or the other one

  10. thx alex , any more feedbacks ? liking or disliking the mix ? anyway , soon i think will be posted my groove collection mix and a brown eyed boyz special for proton radio …

  11. Thank you for help, I can write on english but I not certain that these word will have that importance which me it is necessary 🙂 :):)

  12. agreed sky ,I am a mono lingual American (sad isn’t it ?), Write in your language, with respect to all countries and nationalities…most important peeps use this program below to translate most common languages : , respect to all brotha’s and sista’s —


  13. imposible to dawnload


  15. @SKY: you can’t just start crashing form the beginning of the mix, there should be a slight easing in, that’s why the heat starts @6min.

    @Mokic: Nice one! … again 🙂

  16. thx muzikbg

  17. Mokic: Awesome set as usual. 🙂 Keep up the good work. On another note: when can I expect Claes Rosen – I Want (including Paul Keeley Remix en maybe more remixes?) to be released? I can’t wait for that awesome track. 😛

  18. it’s our forthcoming release should be out before june 15 as it will be promoed next week , thx a lot for ur kind words it means alot ;
    Will send jia a new mix soon and watch out for my forthcoming show on Proton Radio ..

  19. MOKIC,

    😀 Great mix mate 😀

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