Latenta Project – Wavesurfing – June 2008

wavesurfing.jpgDownload: Megaupload |

01. Daniel Kyo – Thought & Done (Pete Moss Remix) [Elevation]
02. Franck Roger – Hades (Dubstrumental) [Franck Roger Digital]
03. Ursula Rucker – Untitled Flow (Pressur-pella Mix) [Vega]
04. Copyright feat. Mr. V And Miss Patty – In Da Club (Shake Sh*t Up) (Jimpster Mix) [Defected]
05. Rodney Hunter – Huntermatic (Skwerls Synthsync Mix) [G-stone]
06. Fred Everything Feat Lisa Shaw – Here I Am (Shurikan Dreamy Dub) [Om]
07. Scott Wozniak – Now I Now (Dub) [Jellybean Soul]
08. Petersky – Watch My Finger Lona (Djinxxs Classic Chicago Remix) [Redflux Cinnabar]
09. Pete Moss – City Of Lost Souls (Budai & Vic Remix) [Recline]
10. Budai & Vic – Emesen [Plastic City]
11. Shur-i-kan vs. Milton Jackson – Swap Shop [Winding Road]
12. Daniel Kyo – Thought & Done (Original Mix) [Elevation]
13. Apologist – Eve [Wave Music]
14. Johnwaynes – Retouch (Llorca Remix) [Brique Rouge]
15. Vas Floyd – Deep House Soul (Nikola Gala Remix) [Night Drive Music]
16. Joey Fehrenbach – Dont Wake Me (Daniel Portman Extended Mix) [Morrison]
17. Milton Jackson – Soundtron [Freerange]
18. Robytek – Luna Africana (Roland Appel Remix) [Rebirth]
19. Shik Stylko – Claritty (Adrian Martin Remix) [Realbasic Tracks]
20. Adam The Tree – Minimal Dissonance (The Hamptons Maximal Mix) [New Era]
21. Daniel Kyo – Silvered [Next Dimension Music]
22. Ben Brown – Nova [Deep Focus]
23. Patch Park – Magic Beans [Hot Kitchen]
24. Pashka – Island Breeze (Sultan & Ned Shepard Downtempo Mix) [Pornostar]


~ by Jia on June 28, 2008.

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