Add2Basket – Saint Petersburg, Budabest – July, 2008

Download: Part 1

No T/L available.

Download: Part 2

No T/L available.


~ by loictambay on July 19, 2008.

15 Responses to “Add2Basket – Saint Petersburg, Budabest – July, 2008”

  1. ADD2Basket is simply amazing……these 2 mixes may be some of his best! Really good.

  2. This is great work, but I have to admit the last 10 minutes or so of part two is amazing. He killed it. I couldn’t stop moving my head.

  3. BudaBEST!! LOL 😀

    btw, fantastic sets

  4. both link´s to download doesn´t work…can somebody help me to download?!

  5. mix to be in drugs only pills of luv

  6. GRAET DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) LOVE IT A LOT(bouth mixes)!!!

  7. fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. HOT!!!!!!!!

  9. 2 cracking mixes .. never fails to deliver the goods .

    : )

  10. track #1 bas van essen – recycle (original mix)

  11. whose got track list? …I’m looking for name last track on part2…

  12. The first track of part 2 is Q-Force – Super swede. Coming up on Add2Basket Records. Followed by Terry Lynn – Kingstonlogic (Unknown Rmx but similar to the Pacifist Rmx).

  13. Can someone please id the tracks at 20.00 mins and 25.00 mins of part 2? Thanks in advance.

  14. The last track on Part 2 is “Eiszauber (Motorcitysoul remix)” solomun, stimming.

  15. Well, here’s what I have for Part 1 so far…

    1. Unknown
    2. Song for Marie and Elise (Aeroplane Remix) – Lullabies in the Dark
    3. Kodex 205 – Peter Visti
    4. Original Disco Motion (Jay Shepard Remix) – Faze Action
    5. Rock to the Bit – The Youngsters
    6. Unknown
    7. Victoria Jam – Silver City
    8. Unknown
    9. Unknown
    10. Huffbochente – 40 Thieves
    11. Unknown
    12. Sugar Cubes (Bravo Mike Remix) – Dana Bergquist & Rollo
    13. Unknown

    Feel free to add the rest!

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