OGP – Tones (July ’08 Mix)

OGP - Tones [July '08 Mix]



01. Jay Lumen feat Nina Simone – Feeling Good (New Dawn Dub) [White]
02. Jaytech – Solero [Anjunadeep]
03. Mango – Friday Coffee (Paul Keeley Remix) [Add2Basket]
04. Liluca – Naam (Paul Keeley Remix) [Discoteca Music]
05. Sam Ball – Aperture (Paul Keeley Safe Remix) [Brown Eyed Boyz]
06. Michael Cassette – Shadow’s Movement [Anjunadeep]
07. Graham & Blades – Argie Bargie [Boz Boz]
08. Kris B – Dirty Meat (Original Mix) [Babylon]
09. Claes Rosen – Mystify (Absorb Project Remix) [Discoteca Music]
10. Jay Lumen – Calypso (Manuel de la Mare Shibuya Remix) [Anjunadeep]
11. Paul Keeley – Sunset Boulevard [EQ Grey]
12. Claes Rosen – I Want (Paul Keeley Remix) [Brown Eyed Boyz]


~ by woscar on November 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “OGP – Tones (July ’08 Mix)”

  1. any mix can be epic with a bunch of paul keeley! certainly not the most interesting selection

  2. Well, as I stated here:


    this is my first effort at doing a serious mix 😉 You will also notice a few mixing and beatmatching slip-ups here and there. Stay tuned for my next mix coming up later this month, which should be far more interesting and diverse 🙂

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