Jody Wisternoff – Intensified On friskyradio – March 02, 2009


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~ by wowsa on March 2, 2009.

15 Responses to “Jody Wisternoff – Intensified On friskyradio – March 02, 2009”

  1. Incredibly mixed and diverse! Jody is the man, and this just echoes all the great sets I have been lucky enough to see live. Wicked nice=) Someone please help out with track IDs!

  2. at 46 mins, there’s a Tejada ditty (the one that sounds Orbital-inspired). It’s either “Fractals” or “The Open,” don’t have the EP immediately available to verify.

  3. Confirmed it to be “The Open.” The set concludes on a Gui Boratto tip (something off the new album), “No Turning Back.”

  4. Vince! you are a genius, thanks a ton. you have made my day. was desperately looking for the names of these two. if you know more of the tl do post it. cheers!

  5. Vince, I jus checked the last track on this set is actually not from Gui boratto’s album (take my breath away), I just checked its not anywhere on that. Anyone know the 2nd last and last track? I know the third last is Lifelike – Sunset. Please help!

  6. oh no I’m terribly sorry Vince, I was referring to another set of his. Pls can you tell me the last two tunes after Lifelike – Sunset on friskyRadio – Discoteca – 26 February 2009 – Jody Wisternoff. what amazing tracks both of them.

  7. For some reason I am unable to open this link.

  8. Offy, I’m not clear on those…but I’m pretty sure you posted your request over at GU board and at least got one answer. 🙂

  9. Affy, I mean…damn small text. :p

  10. yea man thanks vince, I guess your ‘whynawt’ on the gu board. by the way the last tune on the hody frisky set is Fleet Foxes – Mykonos (Sandra Collins and Trent Cantrelle Remix).

  11. Hi! The link does not work 😦

  12. Not much we can do, its jodys own link so…

  13. Seriously, Jody’s own link? I’m a little surprised because the agreement with Frisky is a 2-week exclusivity before formally posting it anywhere else. Hybridized will post the 320kbps on Wednesday of next week (gotta’ fit it into a schedule). You can now easily grab a HQ copy of his Discoteca set alluded above from here:

  14. Jody Wisternoff – Intensified March 2010

    01) 00:00 Gotye – Heart’s a Mess (Supermayer Remix)
    02) 08:07 Drop Out Orchestra – Mopsicle
    03) 13:42 Way Out West – Surrender (Henry Saiz Remix)
    04) 21:50 Jody Wisternoff – No Longer Strangers
    05) 26:40 Mike Monday – Your Body (Tim Sheridan Remix)
    06) 34:24 ID
    07) 40:06 X-Press 2 Feat. James Yuill – Time (in time out)
    08) 48:45 Pinktronix – Submission (Sasse Remix)
    09) 56:07 Friendly Fires – Hold On (Holy Ghost! Cover)

    Massive blend…cheers mates!

  15. very nice!!

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