Chris Jylkke – Dancing Days Vol 1


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~ by wowsa on March 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “Chris Jylkke – Dancing Days Vol 1”

  1. hey wowsa, cheers for the additions but when you post a new dj’s mix for the first time on this archive you really should submit a tracklisting.. i’m sure that it is a fair assumption that very few people actually know who this guy is or what sort of music he plays so it would be to chris’ credit for you to at least write a little blurb about his style. very fluffy, lame mix anyway..not an entirely appropriate submission here to be honest

  2. fucking good ! some tracklist please !

  3. skele i post TL whevever its possible and availible. And i personally post whatever i think is good enough to be posted here and what i found is quality. Whatever you like the mix or not i really can’t do much about can i ? His style reminds me of stuff Flash Brothers and James Grant play if you would have asked me. And there is always gonna be djs none have heard of before, i dunno if you ever heard of poze before i posted his mix the other day? I personally never heard of him but since its a side project of bas van essen i posted it. I personally dont think its all about how famous a producer or dj is as long its good music, sure not many know who he is but maybe they will notice if they want to listen and they choose to download his set. If there is anything more in this matter i guess i will hear from you soon 🙂

  4. hi wowsa, i absolutely agree that it should not be all about the big-names as it would defeat the purpose of the archive.. and of course the fact that this particular mix is not to my taste doesn’t matter – i was too critical of it but i was also annoyed at having downloaded it. i believe that people should be given some indication about what sort of mix they are downloading. the range of styles represented on this archive has become more diverse which is a good thing but can also mean that people end up downloading a lot of mixes they may not enjoy, just because they are linked here.. i also feel that we owe it to certain established artists to keep up-to-date with their latest. omid 16b and demi both have new mixes still not included in the archive even though they work hard to find fresh and original material even after years of djing. i respect the fact that you are working hard to find new artists to keep this archive on the cutting edge but we could use a bit more info about their music before we download!

  5. I fully agree with you, from now on i will always post some kind of info about the person which set i upload. I personally listen to all omid16 and demi sets so if i see any arround i will def post em here. The reason that some sets might be missing is cause the author of this place Jia has been gone for quite some time now and none have seen him arround, i just jumped on this board to help out woscar with postings so in the future we hopefully wont miss any quality sets like the ones you talked about in particilar. Hope you like the place and keep downloading the sets we provide. / Sam aka wowsa

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