Luke Fair – 360, Dubai Feb 27 2009


Download Part 1: Megaupload

Download Part 2: Megaupload

Download Part 3: Megaupload

This audio is taken from a stream so its not the best and you can hear the audience but its well worth it cause this 3 hour set is a killer.


~ by wowsa on March 12, 2009.

11 Responses to “Luke Fair – 360, Dubai Feb 27 2009”

  1. every so often i love listening to a set where you can hear the crowd… even though the quality isn’t as great it always makes for a good listen cause you sorta imagine what the vibe was like : )

  2. Awesome find wowsa!

  3. tnx, and yes i agree with you ther scott the crowd is just nice to hear to capture the vibe totally! πŸ˜€

  4. Thanks indeed wowsa! GReat vibe in this set, loving the funky basssslines πŸ™‚

    The tracks which starts @ 15 min in Part 3 is totally amazing!! (the one before Shur-I-Kan – Gripper) Please ID someone!

  5. So far

    01. [00:00] ID
    02. [03:00] ID
    03. [07:00] Scope – Strung out
    04. [12:30] ID
    05. [19:00] Hideo Kobayashi – Hill Climber (Asad Rizvi & Tom Gillieron Remix)
    06. [26:00] Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo – I exist because of you (Dixon’S stripped down version)
    07. [30:30] ID
    08. [35:00] ID
    09. [40:30] Wamdue Project – King Of My Castle (Al Velilla Reasonable Re-Rub)
    10. [46:30] ID
    11. [51:30] ID
    12. [56:30] Matthew Bandy – Derty Werk (Asad Rizvi’s Reverb rerub)


    12. [00:00] ID
    13. [05:30] ID
    14. [10:00] ID
    15. [15:30] Joey Negro, Akabu – The Way (ID remix?)
    16. [22:30] Copyright – Deeper (feat Imaani – original extended version)
    17. [27:00] ID
    18. [32:00] Dan, Phil – Brighter (Ian Pooley Remix)
    19. [37:00] ID
    20. [41:00] Danny Howells – Right off
    21. [46:30] Doug Willis – Doug Biscuit (Joey Negro Club Mix)
    22. [52:00] Prince – Controversy ( remix )
    23. [57:30] Knee Deep – All nite

    Part 3

    23. [00:00] Knee Deep – All nite
    23. [05:00] The Turntable Orchestra – You’re gonna miss me (Bush II Bush dub)
    24. [09:30] Ian Pooley – My Kicks (Vincenzo & Lovebirds Remix)
    25. [15:30] ID
    26. [21:30] Shur-I-Kan – Gripper
    27. [28:00] Sebastien Leger – Bambou
    28. [32:00] ID
    29. [37:00] ID
    30. [42:00] Audio Soul Project – Reality Check (Vincenzo Remix)
    31. [47:30] Jaime Andersson, Content – Body Jackin’

  6. track 25 – Foals – Olympic Airways (Ewan Pearson Mix)

  7. Track 11 – Science Dept.- Breathe (Shaboom Remix)

  8. Luke has an incredible ear for music……the guy constantly amazes me. This AudioTonic night in Dubai has become quite a night.

  9. Ive played at 360 , the best nite of my life …
    Someone has any news on that Foals track , been looking for it a long tiime now …


  10. I’ve seen CD copies of the Foals track for sale on UK ebay.

  11. OMGAWD OMGAWD OMGAWD!!! I’m SO happy to have found this set. I was present for this amazing nite – extended my stay in Dubai just for Luke. I am privileged enough to say that I have partied with him at several private venues in Toronto when he comes… as he is very good friends with my friends…. he’s a really down to earth awesome person… but always so busy that its hard to get an “after the fact set” as he is such a perfectionist and likes to make sure that his work is perfect & amazing so re-doing sets before he re-releases them is common… hence hard to find! TNX SO much for the trak listing… I’ll be checking back for more. as this set has a VERY special place in my heart and I’m trying to get it together to gift to a very special friend… hope we can all work together to get all the trak listings! TNX GUYS :-)) xoxo,

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