Spiritchaser – Melting point 2nd Anniversary [29-03-2009]


Download: Megaupload

First post from what i can understand with thoose two fine gentlemen. The is a sexy futuristic deep house set that i suggest you check out.


~ by wowsa on March 29, 2009.

17 Responses to “Spiritchaser – Melting point 2nd Anniversary [29-03-2009]”

  1. sexy as hell :))))

  2. Ohhh yes ! 😀

  3. Haven’t heard this one yet but Spiritchaser always delivers

  4. I’m kinda curious bout the tracklisting. This set just rocks!

  5. Spiritchaser – Rain is in there arround 40 min something

  6. […] via spiritsoulmixarchive.wordpress.com […]

  7. agree sexy sexy!!!!

  8. last two traks are beautifull

  9. bodzie one of the tracks you like is Spiritchaser – Rain Down feat Robina

  10. beautifull love mix! THANKS!

  11. yeahh! twice a day!!

  12. name of last track pleaase? 😉

  13. Last track is nice! 🙂

  14. num 2 – dave storm – dancetrap (origimal mix)
    num 4 – Ross Couch – A New System (Kirby Old School 2 Nu School Remix)
    num 6 – Latenta Project & Chris Girard – Liquid Light (Dub Mix)
    num 8 – Spiritchaser – Rain Down feat Robina

  15. num 7 – Bart Van Wissen – The Bee’s Knees (Original Mix)

  16. thanks a lot for this fabulous mix!

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