You can e-mail me, or leave a comment below for any requests for additions or corrections to this site.

I’m a DJ. How can I add my sets to the archive?

If you’re a DJ with a similar sound to what’s featured on this site and would like to have your sets featured here, contact me so we can work something out.

Update: Lately I’ve received a lot of requests from DJs who’d like their sets added to the archive. Due to time constraints, I’m unable to expand the archive to new DJs at the moment, but will do so again in the near future.

Unavailable Downloads

Please help build the archive by providing links to sets that are marked “Unavailable” for download.

I recommend using DivShare, which is one of the few free file-hosting sites that maintains uploads forever. Mediafire also maintains uploads forever, though the site only hosts files smaller than 100MB.


97 Responses to “Requests”

  1. Best site!

  2. Hi guys !

    supa sweet from u
    such a nice work uve done in joining us all and our music together in here

    lots of love and support
    lets keep spreading our passion


  3. Yo Jia,
    huge thanks and full support on what you are doing.

    Stay Loud!

  4. Great job, about time someone knocked up a site like this. Muchos gracias.


  5. love this!

  6. Any chance you could include some of the Jody mixes prior to 2006? He’s been DJ’ing greater than a decade prior. πŸ˜‰

  7. Hope you all had a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!

    All the best,

    Bruno BeRRo

  8. Great site Guys. keep up the good work!

    i need get the set of S.O.S@Creamfields Punta Del Este. any chance?

    best wishes from buenos aires!


  9. ur work is appreciated …thanx πŸ™‚

  10. just want to thank the website and the djs that make the music…

    it is much appreciated!!

  11. I would like to say “ditto” as all the above people have said, your site is much appreciated!!!!

    Cheers mate πŸ™‚

  12. Great site! I would like to make a request: Harry Peat – Net FM Promo Mix – February 2007. Can’t access the download link on megaupload. Dunno if it is still valid.

    Thank you!

  13. i love this site πŸ™‚

  14. please someone help with desyn’s private party set…..

  15. if u need a link – ill send it to u – i just need ur email and no problem πŸ˜‰

  16. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Yes! Such good music.

  17. great thing!!!

  18. we want fresh mixes πŸ˜›

  19. Hey I heard you guys recorded SOS in Sydney the other night? Or did someone lie to me!?

  20. Great site, an excellent choice of artists. It would be nice if you could post some Creamer & K. mixes if you have any.
    Thanks, and stay the best! πŸ˜€

  21. Audiofly,Audiojack,Raresh,Livio & Roby

  22. great site!!!
    tks for putting all this together!

    it is a valuable jewel for house music lovers!

    keep it up mates!!

  23. great great site keep up the good work.

  24. we love spiritsoul mix archive πŸ™‚

  25. nice site!!
    greetings from croatia

  26. hey man im a dj from mexico this is mi promo mix.liste it..i like added my set’s in your page!!
    ask me soon please!!
    cheers from mexico!

  27. Hi,

    I’m finding it difficult to download the latest mix by Eelke Kleijn
    its in megaupload and it is creating some sort of a trouble…!
    Can you please upload it again in some other share site..please..!

  28. Hi!

    My new mix! Pls listen it!

    [audio src="" /]

  29. my mac Stuffit Expander can’t open the .RAR files, specifically the Sander K and Deep Dish recent sets. Any advice?

    thanks for all your work.. this site is incredible!

  30. fantastic site!!!!

  31. Great site. Keep up the good work.

  32. soooo good πŸ˜€

  33. Great set archive..
    top notch stuff!!

    Patch Park March 2008 Promo Mix !? Pleasee πŸ™‚

  34. Way Out There July mix plz, all parts πŸ™‚

  35. GS pula sucks. i think it is ivan z. hahahahaha

  36. this site is great for downloading house music. in need someone to tell me where i can download techno

  37. Spirit Soul Mix Archive Rock My World !!! (L)

  38. Hey, I sent you a message containing a link and the tracklist to my brother Naveen G’s new July Promo… you already have a section, can you please post it up? Thanks!

  39. Great job guys,
    Its great to see so many of my friends sets in one place.
    Please let me know when your able to expand your archive, ive got a few big nights coming up and i would love to share them with you all.

    Most appreciated!!! πŸ˜‰


  40. Adrian Ravelo – Cloud Nine Sessions please πŸ˜‰

  41. Hello Spirit Soul Team!

    I recently made this recording of Alex Flitsch, a promo set i heard on Global Radio. The link to the set is:

    Alex’ Myspace:


  42. Luben Live@Flip Aug`08……

  43. Bigupest =) Want more deep, more prog =) Comon guys ! More updates.

  44. Great Job, Thank You.
    Cheers from Hungary.

  45. great site for sets:)

  46. wow!!! super site!!! thanks!!!

  47. fresh music please πŸ˜‰

  48. I love this site! It’s one of my main sources for quality electronic music. HUGE THANKS for what you’re doing!

  49. As this site hasnΒ΄t been updated in a while, here are some mixes in the meantime:


    balErik & Tom Morgan:
    [audio src="" /]

    Rowan Blades:
    [audio src="" /]

    Kosmas Epsilon:
    [audio src="" /]

    Ciao, Marcus.

  50. As this site hasnΒ΄t been updated for a long time now, here are some mixes I found in the meantime:

    Tom Morgan & balErik:

    [audio src="" /]

    Rowan Blades:

    [audio src="" /]


    Kosmas Epsilon:

    [audio src="" /]

    Ciao, Marcus. coming soon!

  51. Love the site, thanks and great job!!!! :).
    I went to SF lovefest and I was wondering if you guys have SOS mix played sat October 5th, some amazing tracks played there.

    Greetings from Mexico!!

  52. Looks like this site is dead… it hasn’t been updated in over 3 weeks. DOH!

  53. there seems to be a problem with wordpress…it won’t let us post any new entries. bear with us until the problem is solved. πŸ™‚

  54. dont worry we r not going anywhere, this is my fav site πŸ˜‰

  55. Paul Trelles (Funkmedia) – October 2008

  56. yuuupeee, tnx for P.Trelles πŸ˜€

  57. This file is unavailable until Nov. 2, 2008 because the uploader’s account has reached its download limit. :O help


    here,s other link

    hope this site come again soonn


  59. tnx Paul πŸ˜‰

  60. wats going on, no fresh sets for some time…

  61. Brazil’s best dj is out with his latest mix for the Month of October.

    Felipe Callado — Musicalidade


    John W Karabias

  62. where are the updates?

  63. the best dj ever, felipe callado!!! this last mix is incredible!!!!

  64. great site guys, but this rapid share nonsense is driving me up the wall! how can i bypass it? (i’m using apple)

  65. can u post Interplay – The Groove Collection 25-Oct-2008? pleaseeeeeeeeee πŸ™‚

  66. link?

  67. Max Cagliero – BRAZIL SUMMER MIX 2008 –

    Track 11. Electroaspect – Sense Of Time (Shawn Mistika Mix)
    Track 12. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Anyone knows the name of the last track??


  68. Paul Trelles @ Proton Radio (Brown Eyed Boyz Sessions) Warm Up Mix

  69. Alex Rubio
    Promo Mix (October 2008)

    1) Kos – The Beginning
    2) Spooky – Candy (James Zabiela Remix)
    3) David Martzz – Waterfall (Pig & Dan Remix)
    4) Marc Depulse – Bedroom Tactics
    5) Dani Vescovi & Solid State – Pizzoccheri (Cardo Remix Part 1)
    6) NOIA & Piatto – Smoking, Drinking & Never Thinking (Piatto Remix)
    7) Kim Fai – Empty Inside
    8) Josh Gabriel – Tone Program (Style Of Eye Remix)
    9) Who’s Who – Klack (Inpetto Remix)
    10) Magitman & Brisker- Concreed
    11) Tomy Declerque – I Dont Know
    12) Tomy Declerque & F Sonik – Lets Do It Again
    13) Tomy Declerque & F Sonik – Something New
    14) Fergie – The Baddness
    15) Soundexile – Drinking The Truth (Mos Remix)

    [audio src="" /]

  70. Promo Mix (October 2008)

    1) Kos – The Beginning
    2) Spooky – Candy (James Zabiela Remix)
    3) David Martzz – Waterfall (Pig & Dan Remix)
    4) Marc Depulse – Bedroom Tactics
    5) Dani Vescovi & Solid State – Pizzoccheri (Cardo Remix Part 1)
    6) NOIA & Piatto – Smoking, Drinking & Never Thinking (Piatto Remix)
    7) Kim Fai – Empty Inside
    8) Josh Gabriel – Tone Program (Style Of Eye Remix)
    9) Who’s Who – Klack (Inpetto Remix)
    10) Magitman & Brisker- Concreed
    11) Tomy Declerque – I Dont Know
    12) Tomy Declerque & F Sonik – Lets Do It Again
    13) Tomy Declerque & F Sonik – Something New
    14) Fergie – The Baddness
    15) Soundexile – Drinking The Truth (Mos Remix)

    [audio src="" /]


    Max Cagliero – BRAZIL SUMMER MIX 2008 –

    Track 11. Electroaspect – Sense Of Time (Shawn Mistika Mix)
    Track 12. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Anyone knows the name of the last track??


  72. Good Afternoon,

    May I post my radio mixes on your blog please

    My name is Craig Stewart, and I host 2 x live radio shows on Raunchy Rhythms Radio
    I host the After Dark Mix Sessions every 2nd Sunday, 21.00 – 23.00 GMT, and I play the very latest deep, underground, after hours dance music along with a 1hr guest DJ mix.

    The second show I host is my weekly Soulful House Show called Soul Horizon, every Wednesday 19.00 – 22.00, and I play the very best Soulful House dance music along with a 1hr guest DJ mix.

    After Dark Mix Sessions 30.11.08 with guest mix from Motorcitysoul:
    [audio src="" /]

    My Picture & Banner:

    Roland Clark – Black In My Soul – Tiger Stripes Main Remix (King Street)
    Tigerskin – Bordeaux – Original Mix(Arearemote)
    Anthony Collins – I Wanna Give (Bang Bang)
    Jazzloungerz – Obsessed – Vincent Kwoks Obsessed Mix (Seamless)
    Itamar Sagi – Black Gold – Original Mix (Be As One Imprint)
    Motorcity Soul Guest Mix
    Lukas Greenberg – The Flash – Jimmy & Fer Ferrari Mix (Plastic City)
    Lovebirds – The Rat (Freerange)
    Andy Caldwell Feat Lisa Shaw – Warrior – Tiger Stripes Mix (Uno)
    Lukas Greenberg – The Flash – Jimmy & Ferrari Mix (Plastic City)
    Jerome Sydenham – GSXR – Ken Ishi Mix (CDR)

    Soul Horizon Show with guest mix from Yass 26.11.08:


    Jihad Muhammad Feat Chris Dockins – No More War – Deep Inc Mix (Camio)
    Bobby & Steve Feat Dajea – Dreams – Funki Uptempo Vocal Mix (Groove Odyssey)
    The Sunburst Band Feat Leroy Burgess – Survivin – Joey Negro club mix (Z Records)
    DJ Spinna & Ovasoul7 – You Should Be Loving Me – Dennis Ferrer Remix (Wonderwax)
    Mark Grant Feat Russoul – It’s Over – 10th Ending Vocal Mix (Blackstone)
    Roy Davis Jr – Give It Up – Muthafunkaz 12 inch Mix (Sub-Urban)
    DJ Spen & MuthaFunkaz Feat Sheila Ford – Always – MuthaFunkaz Extended Vocal (Code Red)
    Chuck Love & Spur – Share It – Remi Jay J Shifted Up Mix (Large)
    Vincent Kwok Feat Nina Lares – What About You – Vincent Kwok Vocal Mix (Eight Fifteen)
    Eddie Amador Presents Pepper Mashay – Release Yourself – Eddie Amadors Primo Mix (Spinnin)
    Guest Mix Yass
    DJ Pierre – Come And Fly With Me – 70’s House Mix (Jive)
    Freestyle Orchestra Feat D’borah – Keep On Pumpin’ It Up – Zanzibar Mix (SBK) Degrees Of Motion – Do You Want It Right Now (King Street Mix (FFRR)
    Cloudsteppers – Make Me Shine – Bedroom Beach Remix (Pesto)
    DJ Spen Presents The Jersey Maestros – He’s So Real – Muthafunkaz Tell Ya About Him Remix (Code Red)
    Faze Action – Spark – Special Disco Mix (Faze Action)
    Faze Action – Hypnotic – Disco Mix (Faze Action)



  73. How do i upload a set/link to a jody set ???

    • Just upload it to any server (Megaupload, DivShare, Rapidshare, etc.) and post the link. I’ll make a new post for the set if it hasn’t been added yet

  74. This site is well sweet. Great job!

  75. Felipe Callado – Live @ Shamrock (Buenos Aires) – 27-Nov-2008

  76. Felipe Callado

    Live @ Shamrock Buenos Aires 27.11.08

    Here is one of our favorite Dj’s, Felipe Callado’s newest mix. Fantastic as always.

  77. hmmm didnt i post felipes set above?

  78. Hi peeps….one from me…

    Progcast 130 – Art Patrice

    01. Kolombo – My Best Way
    02. Lovebirds – The Sound
    03. Matt Masters – Deep Or What (Milton Jackson Mix)
    04. Secret Cinema – Rita Lynn (Peter Horrevorts Mix)
    05. Dj Sodeyama – Dreamin Your Dream (Satoshi Fumi Mix)
    06. Itamar Sagi – One Million Oaks (Funk D’Void Mix)
    07. Office Gossip – Time Against Me
    08. Interplay – High Love
    09. Shur-I-Kan – Twist
    10. Q Force – Super Swede (Elmar Schubert Mix)
    11. Steve Mill – Alpha

    [audio src="" /]

  79. 1. In Deep We Trust, Quarrel & Sensual – Sonic Boom (Yvel & Tristan Remix) [In Deep Records]
    2. Metodi Hristov – Aquarelberry (Original Mix) [In Deep Records]
    3. Dana Bergquist & Peter G – Madrid (Original Mix) [Add2Basket Records}
    4. 2-Xclusive – Needs More Cheese (Urban Breathe Remix) [Discoteca music]
    5. Muzzaik – The Brooklyn Story (Original Mix) [Forensic Records]
    6. Stan Kolev – Don’t Be (Marrakech’s Vocal Mix) [Ready Mix Records]
    7. Proff – Untitled (Lanui Remix) [Brown Eyed Boyz Records]
    8. Claes Rosen – Pondus (Original Mix) [Witty Tunes]
    9. ID
    10. Laventina – The Con Of Man (Original Mix)
    11. Stalefish – Mendip (Original Mix) [The Clubbers]
    12. In Deep We Trust, Quarrel & Sensual – Sonic Boom (Original Mix) [In Deep Records]
    13. Beltek – Playmaker (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
    14. Somnus Corp & Liluca – Samskara (Jay Lumen Remix) [Baroque]
    15. ID

    cheers all πŸ™‚

  80. Luben @ Private Party Dec`08 (Raby Mere, UK)


    Forteba – Missing
    Wudwerd – Bocas Del Toros
    Alexander Koning – Basic Melody (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
    Onionz – Nothing But Love (Migik J Remix)
    Madonna – Vogue (Luben Edit)
    ID – ID
    Magik J – Russendisko
    ID – ID Please!!!!
    Terry Lynn – Kingston (Pacifist Mix)
    C-Soul – Escape From Madness
    Sam Taylor – German Filmstar (Gui Boratto Mix/Luben Edit)
    Gino Zavoli – Nott In Time (Lele Pasini Mix)
    Ossie – Farewell (Ossie Remix)
    Global Communication – The Way (Luben Edit)
    Steve Mill – Lets Go Higher
    DBN – Asteriodz (Remix?)
    ID – ID
    ID – ID
    ID – ID
    ID – ID
    Milton Jackson – Glasgow Kiss (Jim Rivers Mix)
    Proff – Sydney
    Soft Cell – Torch (Please ID Remix!!!)
    Shades Of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation (Luben Edit)


    Luben – Exclusive Promo 2009 Disc 1 (Yet to find disc 2 if it exists??)

    No Tacklisting so far..

    Hopefully some of you can help me with a few of them…

  81. Hi,

    I want to post my mixes here. Who do i have to speak to?



  82. Wow lets not over-run the site with every tom dick and harry garage dj..

  83. to a certain extent i agree but at the same time, i love this site as it introduces you to some really talented up-coming DJs who you my not of even heard of before, never mind come to love and respect as DJs.

    My favourite DJs consist of Desyn Masiello, Luke Fair, Tom Morgan, balEric, Demi, Omid 16b and Luben (who im still waiting to get a place on this site).
    These are all extremly talented DJs who are consistant in bringing us great new house music all year round(and usually mixes with a tracklisting), yet i have noticed space being taken up on this site for the likes of 1 essential mix from funkagenda and other big named DJs which comes across unnecessary, we can find these mixes anywhere on the net.
    I just think its great to have a site where you can download mixes and listen to the DJs of tomorrow develope.

    Maybe non of you will agree but thats how i feel, dont get me wrong i do think DJs should be judged before going up so only the most talented appear up but just dont over look them.

    peace out people!!

    Jay P

    Ps, ive not heard any of K-Bana`s mixes but i do praise them on the productions ive heard from them…

  84. I totally agree with Jay P. I’ve seen a few mixes up here which don’t belong. We really shouldn’t have Funkagenda mixes along-side mixes by guys who are exclusively and consistently awesome DJs.

    I’m talking about those ones you take the time to listen to – DJs such as Tom Morgan, Desyn Masiello and others who are certainly among the most popular with users of this site and whose mixes actually warrant a bit of discussion/interest. It is elitist but then the very fact that you visit this page makes you at least a bit of a snob – which in the end, is good for the music you love.

    Let’s keep the standards high – doesn’t matter if you like your Funkagenda – most people using this site will have heard stuff like it before and could easily get a hold of those tracks so please don’t waste your bandwidth by uploading it or posting links. Give more new DJs a chance and forget about the boring, lazy, well-established ones.


    Also, Jay P – if ‘Luben’ is in the same class as those other guys I’d be really keen to have a listen as I’m sure plenty of other folks would. Send me a link!

    • Hey Skele, thanks for your comments…they are always welcome πŸ˜‰
      We are in the process of cleaning up the site, as you notice there’s a lot of usual contributors that don’t post anymore and basically the site has been maintained all by myself and recently wowsa who has done a very nice job so far. We will be adding at least one more contributor who has been a frequent poster for several years who I believe can add a lot to the site. Also, I’ve been playing with the idea of adding sets from complete new faces but was not sure how well they were going to be received. I posted a few, and the response has been very good…so I will be adding much more in the future. Stay tuned and keep the suggestions coming!


  85. I feel that my last post may have been too over-critical of this site which is a fantastic resource of quality DJ mixes. It just seems that occasionally mixes are put up that don’t meet the site’s criteria, and there are some good ones which are overlooked – there are some on this page.

  86. Great resource!

    Here’s a recent mix of mine featured on Proton Radio.

    Ryan Garner – Proton Radio Particles (Jan 25th 2009)

  87. Here you go mate, here is a link to a mix of Lubens, from what i here it was recorded @ a private party for a club owners birthday or something similar but i really enjoyed this one, a couple of classics dropped and its pretty recent.

    oh and try this one too, only found it last night but flicked through and sounds good as ever!!! but no TL for this one yet from what i can see.

    Jay P

  88. Only the best mixes in this site good work !!

    Here is mine hope you like it !!

  89. this set should be featured on here πŸ™‚

    “Dinka In The Mix – The Helvetic Nerds – Episode 006”

    1. EDX – Rubine
    2. Dinka – Canonball (Original mix)
    3. David Penn & Robert Gaez – Our Darkness (Original Mix)
    4. ID
    5. SIL – Windows (Chocolate Puma Remix)
    6. ID
    7. Swanky tunes – Zodiac (Leventina remix)
    8. Leventina ???(Probably, maybe Love is an Illusion)
    9. KC Flightt, ATFC, Seamus Haji – Speaker (Original Mix)
    10. ID BOMB!
    11. ID
    12. Albin Myer – Times like these (EDX remix)
    13. ID

    (credits to milovan)

  90. Hows about it then woscar? Will you put luben up on the site? as you would of heard he certainly fits well with the site.
    It would be great to find all of his mixesw in one place from now on.

    Peace out, jay x

  91. Hey! can you add some dj garth sets.

  92. what up ppl..? πŸ™‚ lovely mix from me i hope u enjoy it as well..
    1.Mark Bale – Tabaka (Original Mix)
    2.Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc (Gui Boratto Mix)
    3.2Xclusive – Deadlife (Art Patrice Mix)
    4.Manuel De La Mare, Matteo Matteini – Confident (MidiDropMusic Remix)
    5.Ehren Stowers – Terra Incognito (Edwin Mulder & Ferdy Remix)
    6.James High – Balance Point (Art Patrice Mix)
    7.Lea-D – Mighty Peanuts (Original Mix)
    8.Ricky Inch – Winter Love (Dub Mix)
    9.Phunktastike – Rock With You (Sachrias & Aslak Remix)
    10.Fletch & Desyfer Pres. Sundogs – Primary Key (Lea-D Remix)
    11.ID – ID
    12.Diego Astaiza – Color Of Happiness (Danny Stott Remix)
    13.Outmode – Reckoning (Tom Taylor Remix)
    xxx πŸ™‚

  93. hi all guys,enjoy my melodic mix
    thx u all and ill be wait comments)

  94. can you please correct the spelling for Mike Haddad & Royce Haven – Sextronic Anniversary show. ON the post Haven is spelled (Heaven) Thank you for posting and the support.

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