Darin Epsilon – Frisky Artist Of The Week May 2009


It is with great pleasure that I present to you 22 of my favorite tracks. This is, without a doubt, one of my proudest sets I have ever worked on in my 8+ years as a DJ. It is a unique selection of tracks mixed together in a painstakingly specific and sequential order, so to assure the listener the utmost flow and continuity. A total 13 hours of hard work and sweat went into compiling this 2 hour set. The recording is an example of everything I strive for in a DJ mix: songs in different genres unified by their consistency in rhythm, harmony, and overall feel; a lot of tricky modulation to move between keys during transitions; multiple types of blends; and last but not least, the concept of a “journey” throughout the music.

Download: Direct Link

01. Nomad In The Dark – Neriya (Original Mix) – [Stripped]
02. Quarrel – Looking For Sun (Original Mix) – [Standby]
03. Florian Kruse – The Miracle (Dave DK Magic World Remix) – [Dieb Audio]
04. John Delagelis – Asio (Nacho Marco Remix) – [Dieb Audio]
05. Ekkohaus – Learning To Fly (Original Mix) – [Liebe Detail]
06. Latenta Project – Endeavor (Original Mix) – [Witty Tunes]
07. ID – ID
08. Danny Howells – The Shining (Extended Dynamix) – [Dig Deeper]
09. Amine Edge – The Way 2009 (Original Mix) – [Homes Art]
10. Kieran J – Knob Funk (Original Mix) – [PyCairo]
11. Hernan Cerbello – Pressure Love (Original Mix) – [Babylon]
12. Francesco Pico & Eelke Kleijn – On The Fly (Original Mix) – [68 Recordings]
13. Christian Smith & John Selway – Move! (Dimitri Nakov, Gabe & Ritkam Remix) – [Tronic]
14. Solarity – Effra (Original Mix) – [Whoop!]
15. Dibby Dougherty – Se7en Bells (Original Mix) – [Baroque]
16. Solee – Jule (Pig & Dan Remix) – [Super8]
17. Pig & Dan – Cubes (Original Mix) – [Yoshitoshi]
18. Kenneth Thomas & Shawn Michaels vs PQM – Funktion Won Is Sleeping (Tez & Traska Bootleg) – [CD-R]
19. Jimmy Van M feat. Steve T & Marc Mitchell – My Eyes (Gabe Dub Mix) – [Proton]
20. Tonecast – Flying Cabs (DJ Remy Remix) – [Secret Village]
21. Peter Martin – Secret Door (Cid Inc Remix) – [microCastle]
22. Bojan Mladenovic – Endless Moment (Original Mix) – [CD-R]


~ by wowsa on May 22, 2009.

One Response to “Darin Epsilon – Frisky Artist Of The Week May 2009”

  1. #7 is Ken Ishii – Sunresir (Spirit Catcher Other View Mix)

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