Spirit Soul Music DJ Mix Archives is a blog dedicated to providing an archive of non-copyrighted DJ sets from a variety of DJs whom the author feels are pushing forward a special brand of spirited, soulful, progressive house music.

Copyright Information

All sets are listed with assumed permission from the artists and organizations involved. If any sets here are provided illegally, or if the owner of any of said content disapproves of its being linked to on this site, please contact the administrator and they will be removed immediately.

All sets are hosted on temporary upload sites such Megaupload or Rapidshare, or they’re hosted on a space the artist or organization themselves have provided for. Sets are from a variety of sources including free radio recordings, promotional mixes, and live recordings, all of which have been previously provided free-of-charge. No commercial releases are hosted or linked to.

Broken Links

If you find any broken links, post a comment or message the administrator and the set will be re-uploaded (if I still have it or can still find it). Better yet, re-upload the set yourself (provided you have the set in the first place) and post the new link in the comments. The new link will eventually be edited into the original post.

Attention Trainspotters

Help identify tracks or provide tracklists where available!

Did I steal your upload?

I will provide acknowledgment and a link in the post if you so desire. However, doing so routinely is really a hassle, and the whole point is about enjoying and sharing music, not becoming arrogant, possessive, insecure morons who care less about art and community and more about their own ego and image. I am all for acknowledging effort and recognizing contributors, but let’s be adults and work more on creating a positive community where talented artists can shine and less on personal crusades based on some sort of silly competition.

That said, feel free to use links and tracklistings from this site on your own sites, blogs, or message boards.


22 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey this is LJ from Organic Productions. I was going through our referral logs and found your site. Wanted to give a big thank you from the Organic crew for posting links to our sets!!

  2. Hey, i love this blog!

  3. Hoorrraaryyy!!!

  4. AMAZING SITE! thanks so much!!!

  5. YOu are sO awesome mate!!!!!!

    On behalf of my ears who can’t thank you personally….I say thanks as best possible cheers holmes 🙂


  6. Hey,
    Ollie here from PureHouseMusic.net – respect on a great job, you must be getting some serious traffic through here, keep it up!

  7. Thank You!!!!

  8. the music is awesome!!!!

  9. классная музыка – сасибо 🙂


  11. Hey Guys, what’s up! I couldn’t help notocing it’s been long since someone last updated the page with new sets. What’s goin’on? This blog is amazing, i access it every day for over 2 years to get more music. Please, i beg you, keep posting new sets, this blog has a tremendous value to anyone who is into eletronic music.
    Anyways, thanks for the great service so far


  12. hey mokic, your music it’s amazing…..i would love to download your last october promo mix, but it looks like is not on this site.

  13. damian reds here, thought you’d like a copy of my latest mix (streaming & direct download)

    [audio src="http://www.playcollective.com.ar/damian_reds-_-june_2008_promo_mix.mp3" /]

    1 Intro: Renegade Soundwave – Ozone Breakdown (Original Version)
    2 Husley & Gunz – New Pleasure (The Cube Mix)
    3 Mastiksoul – Viseu
    4 Steve Sample – House Movement (Damian Reds Short Edit)
    5 Julius Papp – Primitive Future (Oldskool Mix)
    6 Dave Seaman – Gobbledygook (Part 4 vs Part 3 Damian Reds Edit)
    7 Juan Boero – Outcast (Gabriel Robella Tribal Mix)
    8 The Mole – Gracias a los Niños
    9 Ross Couch – Between the Darkness and the Light
    10 Tommyboy & Manel vs Saint Germain – Feel It vs Rose Rouge (Damian Reds Mashup)
    11 Sergio Fernandez – Change the Tempo (Alex Celler Tech Dub)
    12 DJ Jeronksy – Pasta for 2 (Damian Reds Edit)
    13 Ron Basejam – For the People By the People (Schmoov! Remix)
    14 Julez – Ahead (Dez Brighton Slapheads Remix – Damian Reds Edit)
    15 Quentin Harris – Slow Velocity (Damian Reds Edit)
    16 Matthias Heilbronn – NY (Sax Mix – Damian Reds Edit)
    17 Outro: Placid Angles – Everything Under the Sun (Original Mix)

    cheers 🙂

  14. DJ Steffen Coonan – End Of 2008 House Mix

    And here’s the tracklisting…

    Fresh and Low – Fever Tension

    DJ Ino-My Way

    2 or More-i got your Love

    Office Gossip-Street Talk

    Audiomontage-Bounce to the Once

    DJ Sulli-Come on I’ll show You

    Trick & Kubic-Easy feat Valeska


    Matthias Tanzmann-Still like it Lke that

    Eddie Matos-Thoughts of You

    Champin-Holdin’ on(Restless Soul mix)

    Kelvin K-Dawn Song(Sax West Pier Tribsl Dub)

    Hot Commodity-So Funkin Jazz

  15. New K-Bana January 2009 Mix


    Seba K- Vignette (Original Mix)
    Stan Kolev- Get There (Daniel Kyo Mix)
    Spin Science- Artificial Amateurs (Original Mix)
    James Bledsoe- Tell You Somthing (Anthony Molina Mix)
    Daniel Kyo- Sinecdoque (Original Mix)
    Latenta Project- Sick My Duck (Satoshi Fumi Mix)
    Quasar- Take Me Over (K-Bana Mix)
    Stan Kolev- Soma Funk (Big Als Tech Mix)
    Elastic Sound- Oakland Five (Dave Storm Remix)


  16. Demi – Transitions 10/01/2009


    01. Second Life – Supernatural (satman Mix) [Bzoo]
    02. Analogik – Hov (ink & Needle Mix) [Tartelet]
    03. Omid 16b – The Tone [Sexonwax]
    04. Brothers Vibe – Revolution [Som Us]
    05. Sugar Caine Presents Bionik Phunk – Once In A Lifetime
    06. Michael Ho – Q Uitior (mark August Mix) [Petite]
    07. Robert Dietz – Shunsower [Cecille Numbers]
    08. Sebastien Ledger – Bambou [Mistakes]
    09. Djinxx – Be Quiet (riffapella) [Electrochoc]
    10. Omid 16b – To Run To (Sexonwax]
    11. Dave Angel – Mothership (part 1) [Niah]
    12. Kamuki – Yo Japan (fRew Mix) [Spinout]
    13. Andrea Holchi – Muzik [Empro Music]
    14. Act Yo Age – The Flash (shur-i [Sweat It Out]


    “Delving into the abstract movement of ethereal grooves”

    1 – Moby – God moving over the face of water
    2* – Sasha vs Ray LaMontagne – Eclipse (Charlie May dub mix)
    3 – Âme – Doldrums – orginal mix
    4* – Patrice Baumel – Cavern
    5 – Wesley Matsell – Diffusion27
    6 – Isotope – Colours
    7 – Trentmøller – Miss you
    8 – Marc Romboy – Sonora (Patrice Baumel Remix)
    9 – Guy Gerber & Gregor Thresher – Open the gates
    10 – Piekfein – Una cena con el diablo
    11*- Fear & loathing in las vegas (acapella)
    12 – Glide – Cassini
    13 – Lee Jones – MDMazing
    14 – Smash tv – Breath me
    15 – Sonorika – Running up that hill – Marcolino dub
    16 – Moonbeam – Your wind is in my hands – Wite dub mix
    17 – Solee – Impressed (Gui Boratto Remix)
    18 – 16bit Lolitas – Nobody seems to care
    19 – Mikel Curcio – In your head – Noir Remix
    20 – Guy J – Mikro (club remix)
    21 – Magitman & Brisker – Concreed – James Harcourt remix
    22 – Sasha – Coma (Gabe & Dimitri Nakov Remix)
    23 – Noir – Jackass (Moonbeam Remix)
    24 – Florian Meindi – Aorta
    25 – Desert Dwellers – A little spice – Erphun’s crushed red pepper mix
    26 – Ladytron – Destroy everything you touch (Sasha’s invol2ver Remix)
    27 – James Harcourt – Moob – Quivver remix
    28 – Masquarade part 2 – Moonbeam Remix
    29 – 16bit Lolitas – 5 to 12
    30 – Pryda – Evouh
    31 – Extrawelt – Im garten von eben – Max Cooper tensor mix
    31 – Sunshine Jones – If you wouldnt mind (Tiger Stripes Remix)
    32 – Paolo Mojo – Bellsong
    33 – Pryda – Miami/Atlanta

  18. Hey Everyone,

    Heres my new February deep house mix, i’ve spent the last couple of weeks preparing and compiling the best tracks around (in my opinion). And this what i have created.
    It contains quite a wealth of new up coming promos and tracks that aren’t even on the radar!! Along with a couple of bits you may know.
    Tracks to look out for are Andy Holder feat. An-Tonic and also my new remix of Stan Kolevs on Ready Mix Records. But to be honest they are all pumping..

    If you want to know more about release dates and such like please get in contact. Also if you like the music and want to give feedback then it will be greatly received by me..

    Please feel free to post the link on other websites, forums and use on radio shows if you have one..

    Hope you enjoy..


    K-Bana 😉


    1. Milton Jackson- Rhythm Track (Original Mix) Freerange Records
    2. Black Coffee Feat.Bucie- Turn Me On (Raw Artistic Soul Vocal Dub) GOGO Music
    3. Darren Duvall- My Control (Daniel Kyo Remix) Ready Mix Records
    4. Andy Holder Feat. An-Tonic- Pleasure Dome (Original Pleasure Dub) Guess Records
    5. George Horn- Diver (Orignal Mix) Promo
    6. Bart Van Wissen- The Bees Knees (Orignal Mix) Deepology Records
    7. Stan Kolev- Inner Sense (K-Bana Remix) Ready Mix Records
    8. Bart Van Wissen- Make No Mistake (Original Mix) Deepology Records
    9. Sebastian Leger- Majuro (Original Mix) Mistakes Music
    10. Yuliy Metelsy- 7th Heaven (Solila Remix) Sweet Cherry Records


  19. love the new look dudes! i can see that demi’s awesome ‘transitions’ mix from january 09 hasn’t been put up.. it really should be added to his collection on this archive. pretty please, admins!

  20. Congratulations for the new design! I love you folks!

  21. Thanks for the comments guys! Glad you like the new design 🙂

  22. […] dintre cele mai noi mixuri promovate de Spirit Soul Mix Archive ii apartine lui Urmet K, un mix de primavara, cu accente soul si […]

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