Martinez @ Silo, Belgium (23-05-09)

Martin Swanstein AKA Martinez

Sick live set from Martinez here. Posted originally over @


~ by cmay119 on June 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “Martinez @ Silo, Belgium (23-05-09)”

  1. Hoping to get a track list started on this set. Some real gems in here.

  2. awesome set 😉

  3. anyone have a tracklist on this? im after one track, its about 16mins in, says ‘ hey you ‘ hey you, where is the party.
    Cant find anything on this anywhere and ive messaged Martinez via myspace 3 times and not even a reply.
    Oh what its like to be famous eh, well as a dj myself i always appreciate people who support what i do & play. Just wish other people would.. Great selection of tunes Martinez, but bad communication skills.. Am i not worthy? lol :-/

  4. Is it the one with the chanting kids going “Hey Yo!” “Hey Yo!”?

    That’s a track I’ve been after for a long time. It’s an absolute stormer, I could only see that track destroying dance floors.

    I don’t know it, but I’ll post it if I come across it. Please do the same if you find it. 🙂

    • Hey Chris, ive managed to rip this track from the mix and tweak with the intro and ending a bit. Kinda making it a proper track, if you want a copy send us your email to
      Cheers, Dean

  5. Yeah thats the baby Chris, i think i may have to try and rip it from the set 🙂
    Ive searched everywhere mate, had links on resident advisor and global noises forums but no joy.

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